• It's up to the reader to decide whether the 18 alternating entries from both musicians about the gigs they've played and colorful characters met along the way are real or fictional.

    1. Eirnon O' Reilly
    2. I Dreamed I Saw Bob Wills
    3. The Cedar Chopper's Sweetheart
    4. Cowgirl Hall of Fame
    5. Leroy

    6. Angel Wings Guitar Strings
    7. Wild Bill's Sermon
    8. That Girl is Music

    9. Playing for Tips
    10. Old Man and the Waitress
    11. Danny
    12. Knoxville to Harrisonburg
    13. Rusty the Rock n Roll Gypsy
    14. Truckstops
    15. Couldn't Ever Leave
    16. Uncle Ben's Big Momma Blues

    17. Old Town Rock n Roll 
    18. Leave the Light On

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